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Let's work build a plan that's right for you

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Step 1:  Your Assets, Your Goals

The wealth portfolio you have built is as unique as you are.  Before considering any plan, we'll take the time to get to know you and the goals you have for yourself and your family.   A confidential consultation will take some time, but by starting carefully, we'll design a better outcome that will give you the peace of mind you seek.

Step 2:  A Plan that Fits

Putting your information and our experience together, we'll design a template of real estate, insurance and fixed annuities that offers you the diversity, jurisdictional advantages and flexibility you desire.  We'll discuss each component with you to ensure a good fit with your lifestage and lifestyle, where you want to spend your time, and the amount of risk with which you are comfortable.  For those wishing corporaations, family partnerships, legal trusts and wills, those will be offered in Georgia and South Carolina through Jackson Law Offices, PC or elsewhere in affiliation with attorneys licensed in the residence of the client.

Step 3:  Putting the Plan to Work

Once you are satisfied with the plan, we'll get to work making it a reality.  In addition to the resources within Retirement Wealth Protection, we can call on other experienced professionals as needed to make sure all the components are in place to safeguard your income and assets.  We don't just stop there; we'll follow up with you - according to your wishes - at 6 month intervals for two years to make any adjustments.  At Retirement Wealth Preservation, we know your success is our success.

Establishing Florida residency may be a key component of asset and income protection which is an affordable option for you and your spouse. One option is to have dual residences and spouses can elect to have different homesteads

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