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Attorney, Adjunct and Visiting Professor of Law, Realtor, and Insurance agent

Stan Jackson

Stan Jackson is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and the University of Georgia School of Law. Stan attended the Columbia University Graduate School of Business in New York City and was an adjunct professor of law at the Charleston School of Law, and was a visiting professor of law at two European Law schools. He also taught at the Georgia Regents University and authored a business law manual for entrepreneurs.  He has practiced law in Georgia and South Carolina for more than 40 years, and is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Jackson appeared on the Washington, D.C. Chamber of Commerce national program speaking on entrepreneurship, preventive law, and avoiding business mistakes.


Individuals are targeted with litigation, which jeopardizes their assets, income and legacy.


"Being sued has almost become a badge of success in the United States. My book How to Proceed in Business Legally was to help entrepreneurs avoid legal pitfalls.  Now the true pitfall for the successful person is being sued. And insurace is only a partial answer.  It has been reported that 70% of all lawsuits are either not or inadequately insured, or are defended with a reservation of rights, which means that the insurance company may not pay in the event of an adverse judgment. Additionally medical claims are the primary cause of bankruptcy" says Stan.


Stan, therefore, is now providing solutions for successful retirees to protect their assets and income from the explosion of litigation and the enormous medical liens caused by serious illnesses. to provide all the protection choices in one unbiased place, Stan became a realtor, and an insurance agent to assist retirees, not with just what one profession recommends, but with all the asset and income protection choices available.


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